Manage your real estate online and collaborate in real time

Apandre is an online property management software. You can easily manage your real estates, lease, tenants, building works, ... This application is fit for all real estate's jobs such as real estate agents, property management agents and even for landlords


Your security is our first priority. Everything is done to protect your data: secured communication with Apandre, two-factor authentication, encrypted passwords, keen roles' management, strict password policy, ...

 Reminder service

Thanks to the reminder service don't miss terms anymore, such as rent notices or leases termination

 Cloud storage

Don't get obstructed by USB sticks or external hard drives. With your Apandre subscription you get a cloud storage space to archive all your real estate's documents, such as credits, leases, insurance contracts, title deeds or termination notices

 Professional organizer

All the necessary data is clearly displayed. For example, on a property's detail page you have direct access to the associated files, staffs, property management, construction, finance, ...

 Work from anywhere

Apandre works in all major browsers on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Linux, and is completely cloud based so you can access it easily from your work, home or resort. Never worry about syncing again


Glance at your financial income and balance sheet of the last 12 months as well as a detailed summary of the current month's expenses all in one place